Sportec Audi RS 3

A compact car with 340 hp would be called under normal circumstances, certainly not underpowered as – if the name of Sportec however comes into play and it is this is an Audi RS3 as a base vehicle, you can see this power to dismiss it as nice start – The Diamond comes first after fine-tuning at the Swiss goldsmith to the fore.

Already packing 250 kw (340 hp) and 450 Nm (332 lb/ft) of torque, Sportec offers a remapped ECU, which takes the 2.5 TFSI’s output to 304 kW (408 hp) and 550 Nm (406 lb/ft) – or 373 kW (500 hp)

Also furthers performance – but also melodious – which itself is controlled dampers on stainless-steel sport exhaust system. The ingenious part is that the sport exhaust system is also available in combination with the increase in output to 408HP with a Swiss Approval.

To arrive as much power on the road, Sportec offers a Bilstein coilover suspension with sportier tuning and a 20-40 mm lowering. This is adjustable both in height and in the hardness. There are lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels in Mono/10 design, the desire to find in professionally widened wheel arches with modified bumpers, a new and very handsome surroundings. The car looks so sporty and squat – without losing the approach favored by Sportec understatement. At the front and rear axle modified Movit big brake system by Sportec completes the total package of compact cars, and also ensures the desired deceleration even during sporty driving.


Especially exclusive is the performance offered by Sportec Haldex unit, the all-wheel drive cars – may be giving more power to the rear axle – among others. With a simple push on the remote control here, the customer decides on the type of performance. This gives the Sportec not only power but also the flexibility to RS3 best to bring this to the tarmac.

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