Solar Power 6 LED Sensor Flash Vibration Light Car Alarm

The more difficult you make it for thieves to get in your car, the better chance you have at protecting yourself from theft. The best thing you can do to protect your vehicle from theft is to install a car alarm.

The majority of car alarm systems are made up of one or more of the following features: a blinking light, a siren to draw attention to the area if someone breaks in and a mechanism to disable the ignition.

Vehicles with red blinking lights add some doubt and fear in the mind of a thief and that could be the difference scaring a thief or having a stolen car. Of course, this doesn’t always stop the thief from stealing the car, but usually car thieves are not looking to draw attention to themselves, and they will abandon their attempt and move on to easier prey.

One simpler gadget you can get to have additional protection to your car is the Solar Power 6 LED Sensor Flash Vibration Light Car Alarm Motion EL-108. This small device has a warning light that blinks automatically when the oscillating sensor is activated. This device is very light and cheap and has a great quality. This device is easy to install, it comes with an adhesive base so you can stick it anywhere to protect your vehicle from theft and intruders.

The most amazing part is that is solar powered, so it doesn’t need batteries. It also has a switch you can turn on and off. You can get this alarm device for less than $10 at

Even if your vehicle is equipped with a conventional alarm system, you can still use this solar power car alarm, for added protection against crime, if your current alarm system does not have a blinking light or the light is not easily visible or is very small.

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