Sleek and safe: ABT add-on parts pass pedestrian safety test

Vehicles by ABT Sportsline are known to offer a maximum of driving pleasure as well as suitability for everyday use. The brand ABT guarantees highly precise cutting edge technology,and also the add-on parts do not only look sleek but also make aerodynamic sense. But how do the tuning elements at the front of the car influence pedestrian safety?

Now, there is an answer to this question: the TÜV Rheinland Group’s Pedestrian and Passenger Protection Laboratory in Cologne now offers conclusive and officially accepted test methods. As one of the first in the tuning industry, ABT Sportsline submitted themselves to this time- and material-consuming and conclusive method. The result: The add-on parts by the world’s leading tuner of cars by the VW group are not only sleek, but also safe.

During spectacular tests, dummy legs weighing about 15 kilos hit the ABT vehicles AS4, AS5 and Tiguan at a speed of 40km/h and demonstrated best possible performance regarding risk of injury. “We are proud to have stayed well below the maximum values prescribed by law. That shows once again that our products meet highest quality standards”, emphasizes Hans-Jürgen Abt.

It has been a tradition of this long-established Kempten-based company to spare no effort whenever it comes to offering the client a premium product complying with the most recent safety standards. And as requirements by law and regulations constantly change and also people have ever increasing demands concerning active and passive safety, already today the engineers with ABT are thinking about solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

So, it’s only logical that products which comply with highest safety regulations and are manufactured according to highest standards cost a little bit more, as they are the result of constant development. Buying a car or add-on components from Kempten means getting fully developed technology. ABT stands for driving pleasure in its most beautiful and safest form.

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