RSQ.1 Wheels

Choosing a wheel for your AUDI is a very complicated task. If you are looking for a very exclusive high end premium quality wheel, the RSQ.1 wheel is perfect for you.

RS QUATTRO has developed the RSQ.1 wheel, a very exclusive high end premium quality wheel developed in collaboration with ADV.1 who manufactures the wheels exclusively for RS QUATTRO. Fitment is available for all Audi models as each wheel is custom-built.


The “RSQ.1” has simply no compromise on quality and technical aspects. The wheels are based on ADV1’s 3 piece forged TRACK SPEC “contoured” spec. With hardly no limitations to what an end customer would dream for his car, we can have them made in diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches, widths ranging from 8 to 15 inches, with any offset, OEM bolt pattern, center hub exact match avoiding the need for center rings, and last but not least unlimited finishes such as car color matching, brushed, polished, chrome, gunmetal, silver… whatever you think of, RS QUATTRO promises it can build it!

The track spec contoured design is composed of a center disc that extends over the first step & utilizes specifically engineered ADV1 proprietary forging die designed to provide a deep concave profile and a unique, individually engineered spoke contour which extends beyond the rim register and up above the step lip.

The design provides not only strength but an incredible look unlike any other wheel. The Step Lip designed outer rim half is an amazing piece, it’s both lighter and stronger than the standard reverse outer rim half. In most cases step lip designs made the wheel look smaller due to the center disc sitting inside the smaller diameter opening as the step lip itself is wider, but this step lip Contoured Center Disc feature solved that issue by providing the strength and performance of a classic step lip.

The inner rim halves or barrels feature a design compatible only to its corresponding step lip outer which eliminates the common water retention issue found in most 3 piece wheels. Standard rim halves have a recessed area which allows water to build up during rain which in turn causes vibration. The Step lip inner and outer combination eliminates the issue.

Standard finishes include: High polished outers, raw inners, Brushed, gloss black or matte black centers. Custom finishes are available as well.

Wheels from ADV.1 are never cheap and these RS QUATTRO wheels are no exception. But if you’re in the market for wheels that promise the ultimate in quality and exclusivity while retaining the OEM “Audi” feel, these RSQ.1 wheels may just be what you need.

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