Rotiform Audi S5

Rotiform design, build and sell the most sought after wheels on the market today. Rotiform has earned themselves quite the name in regard to their finishes, including powdercoating, liquid paint, polishing, plating and anodizing.

In this year’s SEMA Show, lots of cars showed up with Rotiform wheels, but one of them caught our attention. It was displayed in the Falken Tire booth, showing Falken’s brand new Azenis PT722 A/S, first ultra-high performance, all-season tire with a deep tread depth for stability in wet-road conditions from Falken.

The car has a set of incredible candy red Rotiform NUE concave wheels. The S5 also has a matte white vinyl from Meguiar’sWraptivo, Airlift Universal suspension, Alcon big brake kit, and Stasis Engineering cat-back exhaust. You can find more information and pictures here: Stance|works

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