Revo Technik heads to The ‘Ring for further Audi ECU development

ECU artisan Revo Technik has announced that it will be heading to ‘The Green Hell’ later this month for two days of extensive testing on its latest ECU software. As well as taking its own S4 and S5 development vehicles, the Daventry-based firm will also be taking two top-secret test cars that will shaken down during the private, closed session.

Although the 3.0 TFSI software has already undergone 18 months and 30,000 miles of extensive road testing on every major continent – as well literally hundreds of laps on the UK’s most demanding circuits, the firm’s technicians still believe that Europe’s most revered circuit could provide untapped development opportunities to enhance the conversions even further. It will also give Revo’s technical team the chance to integrate the Stage One production software to gain a holistic balance with new hardware on the cars, including race exhaust, suspension, brake and intake upgrades.

‘No Revo conversion is ever really finished.’ explains Chairman James Leng. ‘Sure, we will get to a point where we have exhausted all safety, fatigue and performance testing and we can sign-off a product for sale, but even then, if we can learn something new, or re-visit an existing solution to make it even better, we will. The Nurburgring is unlike any other circuit, so therefore places a different set of demands on the car. We know that many of our end-users enjoy this kind of driving, so we owe it to them to ensure that all of our combined software and hardware upgrade solutions can perform exceptionally in this environment.’

Revo’s development team will be making the ultimate performance pilgrimage using the company’s S4 and S5 3.0 litre V6 development mules. Both cars run a ‘Stage One’ software package, optimised in the UK for Shell ‘V’ Power fuel, its preferred fuel supplier. Boasting an entirely driveable 400+bhp, (versus the factory’s 333) the Revo Audis offer endless torque and progressively delivered power.

The two days of Ring testing will also be benefiting from Revo’s SPS (Serial Port Switch) technology. This innovative user tool allows the end-user to flick instantly between three pre-set maps, tweaking the Simos 8.4 control module to allow for preferences in driving style – or even such mundane parameters as fuel quality or valet parking/immobilisation. ‘We won’t just be flying around at ten tenths,’ explains James, ‘We will be ensuring that we are fully satisfied that the hardware upgrades we have selected compliment our production software set up perfectly to ensure we maintain our usual unmatched performance and OEM like drivability standing. By running constant back to back laps in different modes we will generate a lot of very useful data for our ongoing R&D, and as the whole trip is being extensively documented in stills and HD film, as well as exploiting full Racelogic telemetry acquisition and onboard cameras – we can’t wait to get back and share the results’.

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