Revo Releases 2.0L TFSi Stage3 K04 Performance Software

Revo announced a new software version for 2.0L TFSi engines with K04 turbo. Revo Stage3 K04 software is based on the highly successful Revo Stage2+ software for the 2.0L TFSi K04 engines, recalibrated for the 2.0L TFSi K03 engines with equivalent hardware specification as Stage2+ for the K04 engine.

Therefore by using the factory K04 turbo and matching injectors from the higher spec engine, along with a few other standard bolt-on modifications, Revo Stage3 K04 performance software on the regular K03 based 2.0L TFSi engine is a very good way to upgrade your engine to well over 300bhp.

Please contact your local Revo dealer for the required hardware specification, price and availability for your car.

Software features

* Approximately 75% increase power and torque compared to factory specification.
* Tuned for factory K04 turbo
* Adjustable settings for; boost, fuelling and timing

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