RDX RACEDESIGN aerodynamic kit for Audi A4 8E B6

RDX RACEDESIGN from Allersberg, Germany, has turned its attention to a further Audi model and is now offering a significantly sportier look for the Audi A4 8E B6 in the form of an aerodynamic kit befitting this tuning specialist’s name.

The RDX RACEDESIGN aerodynamic kit which is now available creates a racing look at the front even when the car is stationary thanks to the new front spoiler bumper. The price of EUR 339 includes a TÜV parts certificate. RDX RACEDESIGN is offering the component for use on vehicles either with or without a headlight washer system. For a powerful appearance, the single-frame grille as seen on the latest Audi models cannot of course be omitted. RDX RACEDESIGN is offering its version for EUR 91.50 in various finishes – the latest being a full chrome finish. A further modification at the front end is the addition of RDX RACEDESIGN air intake covers integrated into the front spoiler for EUR 29.00. These are naturally equipped with adapter mountings for the factory-fitted front fog lights, so that that these can still be used.

To create the look of the B7 successor model, RDX RACEDESIGN is also offering a bonnet extension (EUR 79.00). The RDX RACEDESIGN side sills are available in no fewer than three designs (EUR 129.95 incl. TÜV approval, i.e. they do not need to be registered!) with matching grilles for the integrated air vents. Fitting these lends the A4 an even more striking side profile. The muscular look of the Audi A4 is rounded off with the rear apron attachment, which is available both for the saloon and Avant versions for the price of EUR 195.00 (including TÜV approval). The sporty grilles for its air vents are included in the price.

The RDX RACEDESIGN aerodynamic kit is available for the Audi A4 8E B6 for the price of EUR 797.06. A saving of more than EUR 66 compared with the price of the parts when bought singly!

All RDX RACEDESIGN components are notable for their excellent fit, they are paint-friendly and of course TÜV tested and approved.

Further information on the extensive RDX RACEDESIGN tuning range is available by calling +49 (0)9176/ 99 55 90 and online at www.rdx-racedesign.de.

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