Racing technology for the new Audi TT RS

The innovative exhaust manufacturer, Eisenmann GmbH, is well-known for its high-quality performance exhaust systems. With its INCONEL® nickel-chrome alloy exhaust systems, Eisenmann GmbH is bringing Formula 1 racing technology from motor sports to the streets. For the first time, a rear muffler for the Audi TT RS is available in this new technology. While titanium reacts critically with air components from approximately 400 degrees Celsius and can form brittle fractures over time, the material INCONEL® 625 is very temperature-stable even at temperatures of over 1000 degrees Celsius. Yesterday, titanium was cutting-edge – now INCONEL® is the technology of the future.

The aim of the Eisenmann GmbH engineers was to develop a performance-optimized sports muffler for the new Audi TT RS that is also suitable for everyday use. The optimized exhaust system guarantees an increase in performance. The sophisticated internal design is responsible for the typical Eisenmann sound. With a weight savings of around 40 percent over standard mufflers, the rear muffler was designed for use in motor sports and also for road use. The recommended retail price is 3.200.00 Euro including VAT.

More product information on the system, sound files and the complete, comprehensive range of Eisenmann GmbH products can be found on the website at

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