PPI Razor Spyder GTR and Spyder GT

PPI Speed Design GmbH (i.G.), announces their new Supercar, the PPI RAZOR SPYDER GTR (based on the A udi V10 Spyder) and SPYDER GT (based on the Audi V8 Spyder). The car is a complete re-imagined open air version of the existing PPI Razor GT and GTR coupe already in production.

Performance and Handling
The result, after extensive modification, is a normally aspirated V10 engine with over 621 hp (463 kW). at 7,400 rpm, and a maximum torque of 565 Nm at 6,400 rpm at its disposal. This leaves it with the ability to achieve speeds from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds and a maximum top speed of 335 km/h. To achieve this PPI, together with our technology partners carefully remapped the ecu management and exhaust system – insuring that optimum power delivery is achieved while maintaining fuel efficiency, emissions standards, and reliability.

Lightweight, forged wheels, and PPI developed (signature orange) braking system as well as PPI track-engineered suspension systems, insure that you will not only outperform other vehicles in this category, but give you the tools to maintain complete control – even when compared to stock power settings from the OEM.

Audi R8 Spyder PPI

In addition to the excellent driving performance, this supercar also has a striking widebody appearance with elaborate, wind tunnel tested aerodynamics. Special attention was paid to the reduction of the vehicle’s weight, which was achieved by PPI’s extensive use of the high-strength formula 1 and aerospace-proven Carbon Fibre technology. All parts are made of this high-tech material, reducing weight and adding strength in the process. Special “PPI Spyder” doors were designed to provide the ultimate in open-air driving.

These aerodynamically tested, aluminum-reinforced carbon fiber doors feature an open air-exposed feel even with the top up (covered). PPI developed aerodynamic carbon fiber mirrors with integrated LED indicator lights and electronically adjustable mirrors for greater sport, visual appeal, functionality and safety.

Or particular importance, are the specialized air channels and exhaust area vents – designed to improve maximum cooling to the engine, and maintain a negative pressure exhaust vacuum to pull hot air out of the engine bay. These, combined with the PPI exclusive attention to detail give an overall wider stance, and stunning appeal of this true superexotic sports car.

Interior “Performance”
PPI completely redesigns the interior and gives the original Audi R8 Spyder are more technical and stylish interior. Through extensive use of carbon fiber – original plastic parts are replaced with high quality and more optically appealing (as well as lighter weight) mixed interior trim. Carbon Fiber seats have integrated side air bags and feature heat and air ventilation throughout that allows the occupants to be warm even while driving with the top down. The GT and GTR spyder features a painted center “tunnel” and painted door armrests. This gives the car a more unified visual appearance with the external body.

Audi R8 Spyder PPI

PPI developed racing-style steering wheel, offer comfort, sportiness, and exclusivity. In addition, the Spyder GTR steering wheel features a centrally mounted red-line indicator which only lights up to warn the driver when maximum engine revolutions is achieved. Otherwise, this indicator light looks like a “design element” of the steering

Other distinctive features are a recessed backlit logo, various identity markings, and trunk mounted umbrella holders with PPI Speed Design modified umbrellas. In addition, this car features a custom carbon fiber and leather luggage set.

Designed Elements
PPI Speed Design GmbH developed a special matte paint for this car, called “PPI ICE Blue Kyanite” ® The paint is a 2 to ne paint, with patent-pending application process which creates an illusion that there is a light glowing inside this silver / blue paint.

Embedded in the carbon fiber are reflective elements that highlight the curves of the car, in addition to acting as “safety reflectors” at night. LED strips are integrated into the custom side skirts – providing strips of light on the floor (instead of the typical 1 or 2 beam “puddle” lights) – for safer entry and exit.

The PPI exhaust system features a 4 – valve system which can be overridden to put the car into quiet mode, or opened a ll up to place it in “race” mode.

The new PPI RAZOR SPYDER GTR (and GT) Supercar…. FRESH Design, SHARP performance, and EXCLUSIVE production, developed and presented by PPI Speed Design GmbH, the only tuners for Audi -based supercars with a true focus on
“Engineering in Style.

PPI Speed Design GmbH (i.G.) is based in Waiblingen, Germany with design studios in San Francisco, California. The company, in its previous iterations has been in operations since 2001. Consistently, it has been the only tuning firm focused exclusively on the high end market for Audi automobiles. We strive to re-imagine, and re-develop the cars to suit our selective and discerning clients’ tastes. We hope you enjoy our products, and follow us now and in the future… for a very exciting “first” year with our “new” company.

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