PPI Razor GTR-10 Limited Edition

The PPI Razor GTR-10 Limited edition is the latest release from PPI Automotive Design. Improvements to the PPI Audi R8 include better power-to-weight ratio, increased performance, handling dynamics, weight reduction and visual design.


The V10 engine produces 601hp (448kW) at 7,400rpm, and 565Nm at 6,400rpm and is capable of 0 – 100km/h (62mph) in 3.2 seconds (with modified R-tronic Gearbox) with a top speed of 335km/h. The PPI kit reduces overall weight through the use of carbon fiber. The body kit includes a new carbon front bumper, larger air inlets, and sideskirts with inlets that cool the engine and rear brakes. The engine cover also has carbon fiber ram-charged air inlets and newly designed side blades, rear fenders and carbon fiber rear diffuser to optimise airflow.

Razor-GTR10 interior

The GTR-10 is fitted with lightweight MAG11 Forged Aluminium PPI wheels. PPI has also developed a high-performance braking system identified by its metallic orange-coloured brake callipers. The GTR-10 is fitted with KW suspension and hydraulic lift system, this increases ground clearance by up to 45 millimetres. PPI has also used carbon fiber throughout the interior; hand-brake lever, door sill protectors, driver and radio console surround, door trims, center console inserts. A re-designed PPI sport steering wheel with carbon fiber shift paddles for the R-tronic is also included.

For more information contact PPI at www.ppidesign.com

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