PPI R8 V10 Valve-Controlled Exhaust System

PPI Automotive Design from Stuttgart, Germany, Is well known as the most exclusive refining specialist for Audi automobiles, and bespoke upgrades.

The company presented the new PPI R8 valve-controlled exhaust system. It’s one of the most impressive and powerful exhaust system available on the market.

valve controlled exhaust

PPI R8 V10 Valve-Controlled Exhaust System
Hear the sound of the engine and get a smile each time you push the pedal.
• 100% stainless steel
• Increase power and performance
• Increase throttle response and torque
• Increase engine cooling
• Cockpit mounted remote-control valve switch (optional)
• Impressive masculine sound
• Street legal, available with TÜV
• Delivery time 2-3 weeks
• Will fit all R8 V10 models including Spyder/Cabriolet

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