Pipercross announces cylindrical performance panel filter for Audi A7 and RS7

Induction guru Pipercross has announced a new addition to its already impressive range of panel filters and induction kits, the firm’s latest offering aimed squarely at owners of Audi’s A7 and RS7, both machines that will certainly feel the benefit of an aftermarket induction setup.

Panel filters are the ideal aftermarket solution for those keen to performance tune their cars, yet are understandably reticent about damaging or voiding their manufacturer warranty in the process, and few rivals can claim to have produced as well rounded a product as Pipercross’ latest offering. The benefits of fitting an aftermarket panel are numerous, the most obvious (and indeed tangible) being better breathing and improved particle filtration properties.

Improving engine breathing is undoubtedly the most important function for any filter, and an area that Pipercross knows a huge amount about thanks to its wealth of experience, plus many decades spent at the forefront of both the WRC and various touring car championships. Key to the success of all Pipercross hardware is the lightly-oiled triple layer foam that forms their core, the exact same setup found within the previously mentioned motorsport applications. Measuring 188mm x 156mm and with an internal diameter of 100mm, the vastly improved multi-cellular surface area and carefully selected multi-layered foam within these filters offers 30% more air-flow than even the most efficient of OEM style filters. As well as getting more air in to start with, the ingenious multi-layer design also filters down to a far finer rate, protecting the Audi’s engine against damage. With a comprehensive lifetime warranty it makes huge financial sense, especially when you factor that each kit is lovingly hand-crafted in Pipercross’ UK factory.

Performance, longevity and enhanced particle filtration might well be the primary attributes of Pipercross’s A7 and RS7 panel filter, but a useful by-product of this optimised induction is that, in most cases, fuel efficiency is often marginally improved too, a trait no doubt particularly useful to those that happen to own the latter car, a model not known for sipping petrol!

The Pipercross Audi A7 and RS7 panel filter is a truly multi-talented product, one that offers improved performance and an extended working life, plus a pleasingly aggressive induction noise. Those seeking to subtly tune their car would be well advised to consider the Pipercross range at length.

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