P-Tronic : more power and torque

P-Tronic manufactures and markets additional electronic performance chip which improve the performance of all types of diesel-engined vehicles equipped with a turbo like the Audi TDI engine.

These plug-in power chip units enable power to be increased by 25 % and torque by 35% on average, in perfect safety, while also decreasing fuel consumption by around 15% and lengthening the life of the engine.

Equipped as standard with connectors identical to those of the car manufacturers, the additional P-Tronic box-units are fitted in just a few minutes without any experience at all being required.

Recognized for their quality, P-Tronic box-units are guaranteed 5 years and have received European TÜV certification. P-Tronic’s addition units are manufactured by Belgian company Speed-up. Founded in July 2002, the company is located in Verlaine (Belgium).

P-Tronic additional box-units are installed in line between the calculator, whose signal as defined by the manufacturer they receive, and the injection system. A position which guarantees their functioning, even if the cartography is re-initialised. The information they receive is analysed, electronically modified, and then sent to the injector pump, to the rail or directly to the injectors, according to model.

On P-Tronic box-units, all connections are made using plugs identical to the originals. This enables rapid installation (2 minutes) with no soldering, and guarantees an optimal connection quality.
The box-units are also systematically programmed to respect the vehicle’s tolerances and to keep the ‘security mode’ system active.

As well as an increase in power and torque, the installation of a P-Tronic additional box-unit in a turbo-diesel engine generates substantial fuel savings. This is explained by the fact that the reprogramming of the injection brings with it a quicker rise in torque, and the engine is therefore put under less pressure. This in turn leads to a better yield with the box-unit than in original configuration, at identical speeds and engine levels.

Tests carried out by automotive journalists have all highlighted the reduction in diesel consumption which is induced by the use of P-Tronic additional box-units. If you consume less, you emit less CO2 and so you pollute less.

It’s logical. This is all the more true as the reprogramming of the injection as effected by P-Tronic power kits in no way alters the contents of the exhaust gas.

To cover the car, utility vehicle and motor home markets as optimally as possible, P-Tronic offers five families of additional box-units for different injection systems: Classic injectors, Injection pumps, Common Rail, Bosch VP44 injectors, Nippon-Denso pumps.

All the Audi TDI engine range is covered by a P-Tronic box-unit; find more data on P-Tronic Website.

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