new suspension range for the Audi A3 convertible

The Audi A3 Cabriolet (type 8V) heightens the senses and offers its passengers a direct and immediate driving experience. This is not only characterised by the inimitable open air driving experience, but also by a precise suspension set-up. This suspension should always be in perfect condition and adapted to personal requirements, and to that end BILSTEIN offers different standard replacement shock absorbers as well as the BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit complete suspension in addition to the already available coilover suspension kits type BILSTEIN B14 and BILSTEIN B16.

As an “improved replacement for standard parts”, the gas-pressure shock absorber BILSTEIN B6 offers best possible performance and comfort through added damping. It features impressive performance even under full load or when towing a trailer, ensuring perfect road holding and tracking stability as well as an extended service life.


The specially shortened high performance shock absorbers BILSTEIN B8 are recommended for those who prefer a sporty lowered ride height. They are the ideal addition for firmer and shorter sport springs which cannot reveal their full driving dynamics potential in combination with standard, normal length shock absorbers.

The BILSTEIN B12 Pro-Kit offers the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, impressive design and highly resilient performance. This is achieved with precisely shortened BILSTEIN B8 high performance shock absorbers which were ideally adapted to the EIBACH springs in the sport suspension during the BILSTEIN road test.

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