MTM’s bimoto forged alloy wheel

MTM has augmented its bestseller, the “bimoto” wheel, with a new forged alloy version. Fitting “bimoto forged” wheels significantly enhances the handling of the regarding vehicle.

MTM’s “bimoto forged” wheel is, as the name suggests, a forged wheel. It is produced using a special manufacturing technique. Because the “bimoto forged” wheel is up to 30 percent lighter than cast wheels of the same size, the unsprung weight is reduced on the wheel suspension. Less weight results in noticeably sportier handling and enhanced braking performance. The lower rotatory masses also enhance the acceleration, steering response and driving comfort, thereby increasing the overall driving pleasure!

Weight per wheel rim: 9×20“ = 11,7 kg; 11×20“= 13 kg

Despite the low weight, the wheel load is an impressive 790 kg!

MTM is offering its “bimoto forged” wheel in a “Diamond Cut” finish in the sizes 8.5 x 19″ ET 35, 8.5×19″ ET 50 and 9.5×19″ ET 45 for € 1,045 (excluding VAT). For the Audi models RS6, TTS and R8, the wheel is already available in 9×20″ (€ 1,045 excl. VAT) and 11×20″ (€ 1,265 excl. VAT) .
MTM sells the „bimoto forged“ also combined with tyres from Michelin or Continental.

Further information is available on the Internet at www.mtm–

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