MTM S3 2.0 TFSI quattro

The MTM system has heritage – and spins stories. The heritage is based on MTM boss Roland Mayers’ simple philosophy: cars leaving his performance centre are sporty, super and superior. The stories written about cars after their fitness makeover at MTM tell of victories and records. And an Audi S3 is no exception. Be it a Cabriolet, Saloon or Sportback, the Wettstetten-based manufacturer, right next door to the ingenious Audi brains trust, follows a perfect recipe. It makes sporty Audis and other Volkswagen Group products even sportier and more assured. And what the experienced MTM mechanic needs to achieve this is an M-Cantronic plus 1.5 hours for the modification. The ex-works 300 hp TFSi four-cylinder engine responds powerfully to the new engine management system: 360 hp and 450 Nm of torque make for massive thrust: 4.8 seconds and the sprint from zero to 100 km/h is history, with the electronics kicking in again at 250 km/h to curb further forward momentum. The appropriate gear ratio at any point is selected in the traditional manner on a six-speed manual gearbox.

MTM Audi S3

The MTM S3 doesn’t pussyfoot around. Its 4-pipe stainless steel exhaust system invests each pace with sonorous sound. It is yours for less than 3,200 Euro and is fitted in a shade under two hours.

Ideally when decelerating from 250 km/h to a halt this powerhouse will be partnered with a bespoke MTM brake system measuring a beefy 380 X 34 mm on the front axle. On the rear axle the production standard spec fits the ensemble to a tee. An MTM S3 can be fitted with Nardo edition rims or Bimoto wheels, as you like – in dimensions from 8X18″ via 8.5X18″ to 9X20″. MTM performance suspensions ensure sporty superior swagger tailored to your individual taste. Precision-adjustable coilover suspension systems, developed in collaboration with suspension specialists KW, are available in various basic set-ups. A perfect MTM S3 ensemble will set you back just shy of 62,000 Euro, a good 13,000 Euro more than the basic price. What that gets you is added value: at the wheel and on the road.

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