MTM Audi A5 V6 TDI

MTM prefers the subtle art of visual understatement and maximum impact from the engineering within. With the Audi A5 3.0 V6 TDi, the technicians at Wettstetten have produced a tough rival for the near peerless S5. Independently tested at Hockenheim, MTM’s Thunderbolt smashed the S5 lap time by a clear second!

Diesel Jet?

Even with 50bhp less than the S5, the MTM-tuned 3.0 TDi with its 300bhp/221kW performance hike is a true driver’s (standard series model: 240bhp/176kW). Peak torque of 550Nm, compared to the 500Nm standard model, gives real low-down thrust that takes this rocket to 265km/h, 15km/h faster than the standard car. The MTM A5 sprints from 0-100km/h to 5.9s.

The power enhancement comes through a full 3D software revision that optimises the engine map. A further boost in performance is provided by the MTM 4-pipe rear muffler that is acoustically tuned for the most aggressive engine note. Without any exhaust modifications, the MTM 3.0 TDI is still good for 292bhp/215kW.

MTM optimises the A5 featuring its consistent understated look.
A S5 radiator grille as well as a rear lower bumper portion combines with 4-pipe rear muffler providing the MTM A5 with a raised eyebrow look instantly leaving an impression of more steam under the hood.

You cannot call Audi´s standard suspension uncompromisingly sporting, but MTM provides the answer for the winding road. Their diesel thunderbolt, as with all A5 variations, can be equipped with a perfectly tuned coilover suspension which, through altered axle geometry, has a higher camber value. This makes the sizeable saloon feel so much lighter customers will root out the backroad for the sheer thrill. With precise steering and a new level of agility, the S5 retains its characteristic neutral handling.

“Races are won on brakes”

Power upgrades without adequate braking is an irresponsible approach and so MTM offers specifically designed braking systems for all performance classes.

In the case of the A5, MTM improved deceleration with an 8-piston fixed calipers and 380x34mm semi-perforated brake discs to improve grip and feel. After all, as the saying goes, „races are won on brakes.“ Every package contains steel flex brake lines as well as every attachment part. Equipped with these brakes, the MTM Audi A5 can stop from 100km/h in just 35 metres.

The special semi-perforated brake discs are a custom-designed product manufactured for MTM. The unique element for these discs are the semi-perforations that do not go completely through the discs. They lend not only optical characteristics of a completely perforated-through disc, but avoid the cracks that can follow extended use of fully perforated discs.

With regards to wheels, MTM crowns all with its own creation “bimoto“. These spectacular features come in finishes “shiny silver“, “titanium“ and “diamond cut“. MTM offers “bimoto“ for the A5 among others in the size 10,5×21“, as complete wheel set with tires in the dimensions 295/25ZR21.

MTM does not just do off-the-shelf kits, either, and can offer individual modifications to grant any special wish.

Further information to the complete technical program from MTM for the Audi-Volkswagen vehicles, can be located on website www.MTM– or dial 049-841-98188-88 .

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