More driving dynamics and comfort for Audi A1

Not only does the suspension specialist KW lift the Audi A1 to a significantly better driving dynamic, the new coilovers also increase the continuous-travel comfort. KW engineers have successfully improved the steering precision and the cornering ability of the vehicle, while at the same time the comfort of the production suspension has been significantly increased. The suspension specialist has proven his many years of technical know-how again, and shown that intensive research and development can indeed bring seeming differences together.

All coilovers by KW make driving the Audi A1 across road bumps, level crossings or drains covers much more comfortable. At the same time, the sport suspension offers a more dynamic driving behaviour and provides a much more precise steering ability than the vehicle’s production version. Thus, the supermini from Ingolstadt makes sporty driving much easier, while the driver receives immediate feedback from the road. This is what the TÜV-tested coilovers have to offer at any lowering range, which can vary between 15 and 50 millimetres.

KW designed their coilovers Variant 1 to precisely match the dampening characteristics with the vehicles weight, the axle loads, and the entire vehicle geometry of the A1. The “basic” model of Variant 1 is already available for 799 Euro including VAT. And it comes with a hot-galvanized and sealed housing. The stainless steel “inox-line” for Variant 1 is available for 899 Euro.

In addition to the individual lowering of the chassis, the coilovers of Variant 2 offer rebound damping options, allowing for an individual driving set-up or adjustment according to exterior requirements. Variant 2 “inox-line” with stainless steel housing is available for 1199 Euro.

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