Milltek Sport Audi TTS Quattro Exhaust System

Many enthusiasts already view Audi’s TT as a design classic, with its elegant lines and capable dynamics. If that’s the case, then the uber-desirable TTS Quattro has to have the capability of becoming a future collectible. With that in mind, extraction expert Milltek has spent an appropriate amount of time creating a truly comprehensive extraction solution for this car.

Milltek is well known for ticking all of the boxes with spectacular attention to detail on all of its systems, but for the TTS it really gone to town to create a solution that looks and sounds fantastic, whilst creating just enough aural drama to delight on even the shortest drive, without the drone and resonance so often found on lesser systems.

Milltek Sport Audi TTS

The system itself is hand-finished in Milltek’s UK factory from the finest grade of non-magnetic stainless steel. Two systems are available. The first, based around the race proven 3” (76.2mm) diameter system promises impressive gains in both power and torque, with a free flowing design that optimises the TTS’s punchy delivery.

A large bore downpipe option, complete with high-flow Sports Catalyst allows those looking for ultimate power gains to remain totally road legal, or if preferred, the factory catalyst can be left in place to allow a choice of cat-back resonated or non-resonated systems to be fitted. As you might imagine, this system has been designed from the outset to maximise power, and will require a remap when using the Sports Catalyst option.

Milltek Sport Audi TTS

A quieter, more refined 2.75” (69.85mm) system configuration can also be specced for those looking to gain performance, whilst maintaining sensible noise levels. This can also be ordered in a range of either cat-back or Sports Catalyst configurations.

Tail trims can make or break a good exhaust design and here, Milltek’s designers have got things spot on once again. A quad set of dimensionally perfect oval trims, with the option of the durable and attractive Cerakote finish for those that want stealth and good looks that last forever.

Prices start at £574.62 + VAT for the 2.75” non-resonated cat-back system.

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