Milltek performance exhaust for Audi R8

Milltek Sport launched their stainless steel performance exhaust system for the new Audi R8 sports car in style at the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena in January. Visitors to the show were treated to a unique view of the Audi R8 with the rear bumper and heat shields removed to expose the impressive-looking exhaust.

Both the R8 and the accompanying video attracted large numbers of visitors at the show and feedback was extremely positive. Show goers took the time to take in the details of what is undoubtedly the hottest supercar of the moment fitted with a spectacular exhaust system.

The exhaust system has a unique shape which many have likened to a crab-like creature. This gave Miltek an idea; model the exhaust system in 3D to produce an animation of the exhaust system “walking along and climbing” into the engine bay of the R8. The finished animation is eerily life-like!

Unfortunately, as technically advanced as the exhaust system is, we are yet to successfully persuade it to simply “climb in” and fitting takes around 5 hours to complete.

The R8 exhaust system is only available from selected fitting centres. Please contact Milltek for more information.

Quick facts:

  • It took 2 full days of filming to fully capture all the shots needed to show the exhaust on and off the car. The main reason is that it takes roughly 5 hours to remove the standard exhaust and fit the Milltek!
  • The video was first aired on the Milltek Sport stand at this years’ Autosport International Show;
  • It takes over 21ft of stainless steel tubing (among other parts and materials) to maintain the critical path of the gas flow away from the engine. Using the experience gained from Milltek’s successful development of the Audi B7 RS4 V8 system, they have managed not only to replicate the impressive power and torque gains achieved on the RS4 but also managed to package the R8 system with a 15kg weight saving!
  • The R8, with standard exhaust system was dyno tested and shown to be outputting 391.9HP, with the Milltek exhaust fitted, this rose to 412.3HP – that’s a gain of 20.4HP, just from the cat-back system!!!

Promotional video featuring the Audi R8 sports car being fitted with Milltek Sport exhaust system. Listen to that sound!!!

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