Milltek Launches ‘ValveSonic’ Exhaust Range

Respected British exhaust manufacturer Milltek has announced details of its clever new range of electronically switchable ‘ValveSonic’ performance exhausts. The ValveSonic range answers the desire that most true enthusiasts have; to have a car that can be two characters in one. Sporty, loud and engaging for those more ‘press on’ moments and smooth, quiet and refined for long motorway drives or when conditions dictate a more subtle approach.

In-keeping with Milltek’s 30+ years of exhaust design experience, the ValveSonic systems use the very latest in OEM design and technology to allow them to integrate seamlessly in the factory CANBUS wiring system with no need for cutting or splicing into the loom. At the heart of these new systems is a sophisticated control module which can open or close a butterfly valve, carefully situated within the exhaust itself, changing the rate of flow (and exhaust note!) to suit the driver’s mood. Sophisticated software algorithms also monitor road speed and engine revs to make sure that the valve is always giving the best possible back pressure for the demands placed upon the system. Care has also been taken to keep the all-important ‘grin factor’ in the design too, so Milltek’s technical boffins have ensured that the valve stays open for a fraction of time after backing off from full throttle, for example, to ensure that the all-important ‘over-run’ soundtrack is maintained.


The system can be manually switched in an instant between its two modes, but still maintains a degree of active intelligence in order to optimise the engine’s performance and protect its longevity. So, even in its quietest mode, when the valve fully closed for low-speed cruising, the software can detect when full throttle is required – when performing an emergency overtake for example – and will open the valves accordingly, to make sure that the engine isn’t being ‘strangled’ by incorrect back pressure.

The system has been tested thoroughly, not just with the mandatory dyno and decibel protocols, of course, but also via the essential human medium of driver and passenger analysis. During the development process of the ValveSonic system, all of Milltek’s R&D and management team rode in the test cars, in both front and rear seats, on every kind of road, and at every level of speed, to ensure that the system offers the perfect balance between cruising comfort and driving excitement. No detail has been overlooked in the pursuit of the perfect performance system.


Initial fitments will be for high-performance Audi models, but the technology will be rolled out to other appropriate VW Group models over the next few months and years.

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