Milltek Launches New Audi S7 Sportback 4.0 TFSI Quattro S-Tronic system

Respected exhaust manufacturer Milltek has released details of its latest Audi system. The recipient car in question this time is the superb Audi S7 Sportback in its sonorous – and powerful – 4.0 TFSI guise. Milltek invested in acquiring one of the first cars delivered in the UK to allow them to spend many months developing and honing their new system to achieve the perfect balance between improved power and an enhanced soundtrack.

This new S7 system can be ordered with Milltek’s innovative new ‘ValveSonic’ rear silencer technology, with integrates seamlessly with the factory ECU to open and close valves in the exhaust to give owners the chance to drive two cars in one, effectively. Quiet and refined for the commute to work, and when bimbling around town, with a more edgier, competition-inspired tone when the throttle is mashed into the carpet.


The system is based around 2.76mm (70.00mm) stainless steel pipework. Milltek uses only the finest non-magnetic stainless steel in the construction of all of its systems, which carry a lifetime guarantee for the original owner.

As with most Milltek designs, an impressive array of options and configurations are available, in order to allow owners to either order systems piecemeal, to suit their budgets, or to allow a differing range of sound improvements and power increases to be effected.


At the top of the range is the HJS sports cat system, featuring a primary catalyst bypass pipe for maximum flow and power, followed by a secondary High-Flow 200 cell sports catalyst which mounts under the vehicle floor. To achieve the best results with this option, Milltek’s engineers recommend the use of a software upgrade to truly obtain the maximum power gains. Cat-back systems are also available in either resonated or non-resonated formats, with either Polished, Black Velvet or Titanium quad 100mm GT100 trims.


The system is not only easy on the eye, but also hugely effective. On Milltek’s own demo vehicle, which runs performance aftermarket software and a full sports cat system, power has been raised from the factory’s 420bhp to an altogether more impressive 500bhp.

Whether you want look, sounds or performance, this latest Milltek system clearly ticks all of the boxes.

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