Milltek Launches Audi Q5 2.0 TFSi Performance Exhaust System

Extraction specialist Milltek seems to always be first to the party whenever a key new VW Group model is released, so the fact that it already has a fully proven and tested performance exhaust systems for Audi’s latest 2.0 Q5 is perhaps unsurprising.

The latest system is based on the firm’s best-selling A4 B8 set-up; a car which shares many components and design aspects with the new Q5. Using that hugely effective configuration as a starting point, Milltek’s engineers tailored several new features to suit the Q5, with options catering for all markets and drivers, including both cat-back and full system options.

The key difference with the Milltek exhaust, over every other design in the marketplace, is that it can be purchased as a true ‘cat back’ system. The Q5 has catalysts built right into the top of the turbo for optimum efficiency, and if so required, Milltek can offer an option to remove even these, liberating maximum power and torque throughout the rev range and really allowing the turbocharged lump to fully breathe.


Extensive dyno and road testing led Milltek’s engineering team to arrive at 70mm ( 2 ¾”) as the optimum pipework diameter to balance maximum gasflow with perfect back pressure for enhanced throttle response. Terminating in a smart set of polished GT-100 trims, the Milltek part leaves many wondering if it might perhaps be some sort of original equipment option or upgrade – particularly when the tastefully sporty note is heard. Although volume and tone are most definitely improved from factory levels, much care has been taken to walk the fine line between aural delight and everyday usability, with a complete absence of cabin drone.

This system has already proved to be incredibly effective in its operation, particularly on tuned and remapped vehicles. This has been borne out on tuning expert Revo’s own demo car, where in conjunction with a full remap and larger K04 turbo, this set-up helped to achieve a formidable 360bhp!

The system is constructed from the highest grade of non-magnetic stainless steel and each one is hand-crafted here in the UK. Coming complete with all clamps and fixings, it has been designed as a direct and simple replacement for the OEM parts.

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