KW Variant 3+ & Clubsport now available for 2011+ Audi RS3 Sportback

The Audi RS3 Sportback is an absolute animal even in standard trim, largely due its 5-cylinder, turbocharged engine offering 340bhp and 332lb-ft torque. Although the Audi Quattro chassis makes good use of its power, there’s still much more potential to be had from the RS, and KW automotive has already developed three coilover systems which release this car’s true handling capability!

For the mor street-orientated driver, KW’s Variant 3+ ‘inox-line’ coilover kit greatly improves handling (as well as reducing the RS3’s tendency to understeer) without sacrificing the ride quality. KW has paid particular attention to the low-speed damping range which improves steering feel, and offers the Variant 3+ with a total of 16 levels of damping adjustment as well as height adjustment between 5-35mm (fron) and 0-25mm (rear). The compression stage of each coilover can also be independently adjusted for the more serious driver. This kit not only improves the overall handling of the RS3 Sportback, but also makes it even easier to control when driving on the limit!

For the more track-focused driver, KW Clubsport kit is available in both 2-way and 3-way adjustment. Tailored specifically for track use with racing springs and high-performance dampers, KW’s Clubsport coilovers are fine tuned on the Nürburgring for maximum performance. The Clubsport’s track-focused damper system features a separate expansion tank to allow independent adjustment of compression in both high-speed (14 levels) and low-speed (six levels) driving. KW has noticed damping compression influences the RS3’s handling greatly, with a tougher low-speed setting giving a more direct steering feel while a tougher high-speed range improves the RS3’s ability to ride over bumps and kerbs at high speed. Just like the Variant 3+, the KW Clubsport 2-way and 3-way is also height adjustable by 5-35mm (front) and 0-25mm (rear).

Despite its immense circuit ability, KW’s Clubsport coilover remains TÜV approved allowing the RS3 to be driven to and from circuits with ease. Additionally, the KW 3-way Clubsport Suspension comes supplied with preassembled aluminium uniball strut mounts which are also adjustable and which allow optimum fine-tuning for various sports tires and tracks. KW Clubsport guarantees excellent handling, best performance, highest agility and fantastic lap times!

As ever, the suspensions specialists from Fichtenberg are offering the high-quality KW Coilover Suspensions as a complete, ready-to-install solution with suspension-tuning tips. Suspension struts, dust-protection systems and all other components are already preassembled and ready for installation. The corresponding TÜV parts certificates are included so that the new suspension can be added to your vehicle documents easily. Detailed information on the broad product spectrum of KW automotive GmbH, including suspension springs, dampers, stabilizers, and complete and coilover suspensions, as well as application lists, can be found at

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