KW spring kit with individual height adjustment for Audi RS5 and A6

The KW lowering springs with height adjustment are available for more and more cars. Besides to the Audi A6 of the model series 4G, even the Audi RS5 Coupé and RS5 Convertible can be equipped. The KW coilover spring kits allow to lower the car continuously, unlike to conventional spring kits and they are also compatible with all adaptive damper control- and driving safety systems. The KW springs kit with height adjustment manufactured in OEM quality offers drivers the possibility to adapt their vehicles in the body height to their wheel / tire combination.

Drivers, who still put a great value on the compromise of comfort and sportiness, will find the perfect accessory with the height-adjustable KW spring sets. They can adapt their alloy wheels with the continuous height adjustment in combination with the lowering springs manufactured in high tensile chrome silicon steel. Compared to conventional spring kits, the Audi driver does not have to accept a fixed “height”. “No matter if only at the front or rear axle, with our KW coilover springs the lowering can be varied,” explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. The adjustment of the lowering has to be made at the vehicle-specific spring supports. During installation, the series springs will simply be replaced by the KW coilover springs and their dust protection elements. Further modifications at the original suspension are not necessary.


The great advantage: the sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) of the Audi RS5 remains fully. “The spring rates are perfectly adjusted to the DRC,” said Johannes Wacker. “But we also have developed the KW coilover springs for RS5 models without DRC.” Here are different lowering’s possible. While the RS5 with DRC can be lowered between 5 and 25 mm, the continuous adjustment range at RS5 models without electronic damper control systems is between 0 and 25 mm. And the Audi A6 can even be lowered with the KW coilover springs kit by up to 55 mm. The continuous adjustment range at both axles lies between 35 and 55 mm. The installation can be realized within a few working steps at any body shop. The innovative KW coilover springs are available for more and more cars and in vehicle-specific versions also for the BMW M3 (E9x), Nissan GT-R (R35) and Porsche 911 (991).

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