KW Coilovers for the new Audi TT

Since it’s launch, the Audi TT has been a real success story for Audi and a popular car to modify. Our stainless steel KW coilover kits are now available for the latest incarnation of the TT model. KW coilover kits allow a continuously adjustable lowering between 20 and 50mm. Variant 1 comes with pre-set damper characteristics, while V2 is adjustable for more comfortable or stiffer suspension. Even more handling options are possible with the KW V3 coilovers, with it’s separate rebound and compression damping adjustment. You find further information about KW damper technology here:

The stainless steel KW coilovers give the new Audi TT a significant improvement in driving dynamics, plus a sporty stance. The Variant 1 KW coilovers pre-configured damper setup offers an optimized balance of sports handling and every day practicality. For those who not only want to lower their Audi TT but also customize the driving experience to their taste, KW’s Variant 2 coilovers offer more adjustment. “The rebound force can be changed with 16 individual settings by turning the adjustment wheel clicks at the upper piston rod end”, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “the Variant 2 kit can be made stiffer or more comfortable. This is especially useful when changing the wheel-/tire-combination on your Audi TT.”


Pure Performance: the KW Variant 3 coilover kit

The perfect blend of driving dynamics and every day practicality, the KW V3 offers a huge adjustment range in both rebound and compression. In addition to a continuous lowering amount, separate adjustment of rebound and compression damping is possible. “Our Variant 3 is the ideal performance accessory”, says Johannes Wacker. “The unique KW compression valve sits at the bottom of the damper rod. It adjusts the low speed range of the compression damping with twelve clicks and leaves the TT driver the scope to adjust the driving behavior.” You find further information about KW damper technology here:

A higher low speed compression force at the front axle allows an even more direct steering feel, while at the rear axle it counteracts over-steering. With the digressive valve assembly of the compression damping, behavior in high speed bumps remains preset by KW. KW’s patented valves need no tools to change settings. The rebound damping can be altered through 16 clicks and allows the driver to directly influence the driving comfort and handling. “By increasing the rebound force via the adjustment wheel, the body movements are reduced. Therefore the TT drives with more stability in fast corners.”


On both 2wd and Quattro TT models the continuously adjustable lowering is altered via the dirt-resistant trapezoid thread directly on the stainless steel strut. At the front, the TT can be lowered within an approved adjustment range of 20 to 50mm. At the rear axle, the lowering can be set directly at the rear axle height adjustment collar between 20 and 45mm. The KW coilover kit Variant 3 is separately adjustable in rebound and compression damping.

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