KW Coilovers for Audi RS Q3

The market share of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) in Germany has impressively increased in 2013. Meanwhile, the share of the SUV segment of the total car sales is nearly 15 percent and the automotive industry expands its offer steadily. Also Audi offers more and more SUV and the first performance SUV of the quattro GmbH is the Audi RS Q3. KW now offers the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilovers with optional smart phone App control for this SUV that is not available with standard actively regulating dampers. Furthermore, the suspension manufacturer has developed the proven KW coilovers for the 310 hp RS Q3; Variant 1 and Variant 3, which is separately adjustable in rebound and compression damping. All three KW coilovers are made from stainless steel and allow a continuous lowering of 15 to 45 mm.


Since many years, SUVs are getting more popular and the suspension manufacturer KW has already developed different suspension components for more and more so-called Sport Utility Vehicles. KW now has coilovers available for the RS Q3 that besides a continuous lowering of 15 to 45 mm at the front and rear axle, depending on the version, also enable a targeted damper adjustment.

Adaptive KW Technology with optional smart phone App

While the Audi Q3 can be ordered optionally including a suspension kit with damper control, unfortunately this is not possible for the RS Q3 with its 2,5-liter-turbo five-cylinder. For those who still not want to resist on the comfort feature of a damper control, will find an elegant alternative with the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover suspension. Via the KW DDC retrofit button, it can be changed between the driving modes “Sport+”, “Sport” and “Comfort” directly from the cockpit. Within milliseconds, the damping characteristics change and the Audi RS Q3 receives a completely different driving behaviour. The mode “Sport+” is ideal for rides on curvy roads with a lot of load changes. It gives the RS Q3 a more direct handling and the SUV acts even sportier and true in its driving dynamics than in series. The “Sport” mode is perfect for driving on the highway with long curves; while the “Comfort” mode is ideal on bad maintained roads. Here, the KW dampers automatically adapt to the current driving situation. “Highlight of the KW DDC ECU coilover kit is the optional App – control”, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “No matter if a smart phone or tablet with Apple iOS or Android operating system is used, the dampers can easily be adapted in their damping characteristics according to the individual driving behaviour.” To be able to use the intuitive App-control, the extension of a DDC suspension control unit with a KW WLAN box is necessary. The communication between the smart phone and the control unit occurs via a secure WiFi connection. The KW DDC App is available as download for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


For performance-oriented RS Q3 drivers who do not need a comfortable adaptive damper control but who are still looking for a coilover suspension with individual damper setup, will find the perfect accessory with the KW coilover suspension Variant 3. With the rebound damping that is adjustable in 16 steps and the compression damping that is separately adjustable in twelve clicks, drivers can take influence on the comfort. “With the adjustable rebound damping, the use of different wheels and tires can be considered” said KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. Furthermore, the Variant 3 allows to take influence on turning behaviour, directional stability, tire grip and handling characteristics for a safe controllability at the limit.

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