JMS Racelook Audi A5 Coupe

The original look from the new Audi A5 is stunning. The A5 is a unique and beautiful car, no matter from which perspective. Optical improvement is very difficult for this car, without making it look worst. But JMS team has managed to upgrade the unique vehicle without changing its character.

First, the coupe gets special lowering springs from H&R/JMS which lower 40mm in the front and 35mm on the back. These springs are balanced for the original shock absorbers from Audi. The H&R spring kit not only further enhances the sporty look, but the lowering also results in improved driving dynamics.

On the big fenders JMS fits 3-piece racing wheels. On the front, wheels size is 9.5×20’’ and for the rear 10×20’’ with 255/30 R20 Dunlop tires. The wheels have a special ET that makes them fit perfectly and no bodywork is needed. Price for this setup is near 5700€. The 20 inch rims perfectly fill out the wheel arches and complete the elegant side view. The chassis nevertheless does not become uncomfortable, but rather ensures excellent road contact.

For a perfect sports sound JMS fits a special stainless steel rear muffler with four oval tips on the rear. With the new exhaust you get also a little bit more power and torque.

The bodykit, especially tailor-made by JMS, is a spectacular package: for the looks, JMS developed a full bodykit. In the front, a Racelook front lip spoiler which lowers 3cm the front of the car. Special Racelook sideskirts were also adopted to optimize the look from the side. In the rear, a special rear apron with diffuser stripes excellently harmonizes with the 4-pipe rear muffler. This piece exchanges with the OEM one to fit perfectly. The same bodykit is in development for all S5 and S-line models.

The JMS body kit is made in high quality fiberglass in Germany. You will find more pictures in the Audi A5 Gallery

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