cool taillights with LED technology for the Audi A4

Timelessly-elegant body-work design is a specialisation of Audi. As a result, the A4-Limousine from the B6 range, released in 2001, still seems as fresh as it was on the first day of its release and as a result is still sought after. If you are interested in adding new highlights to the car, you can simply select one of three exciting taillight designs with modern LED technology, which is now offering as an upgrade.

There is a model for everyone’s taste: Red/black combinations and clear glass with red or black are available. Whichever model you choose the LEDs make for quite an eye-catcher.

The practical advantages are also evident. As opposed to normal light-bulbs the LEDs are not just durable for the whole life of a car, but also react considerably quicker. This is particularly useful with the braking lights: The driver behind you is therefore able to react a lot quicker.

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