H&R Audi A1 Sportback

Just in time for the launch of the A1 Sportback H&R already developed several suspension modifications leading to even more sportiness and dynamics.

H&R’s Sport Springs feature a lower ride of approximately 35 millimetres front and rear. This provides for an enhanced look and improved handling, while maintaining superb ride quality and increased driving convenience.

For those looking for more agile handling, the suspension specialists from Lennestadt, Germany are now offering a coil over suspension that allows for the vehicle’s height to be individually adjusted between 30 and 50 millimetres.

H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers also provide further enhancements. H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers are durable and lightweight thanks to a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy. Whether H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers are combined with stock or aftermarket wheels, the perfect stance can be achieved and the often unsightly gap between the wheel arch and the edge of the fender can become just a thing of the past.

H&R’s full line of products, which are offered for over 1,500 different vehicles, can be purchased from specialized dealers. If you are looking to improve the handling of your new or used Audi, then H&R products are a good choice.

Along with the expected high-quality of H&R’s products always comes a general operating permit (ABE) or TÜV certificate of conformity for parts (Teilegutachten).

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