Hosetechnik Audi R8 Ultra-High Performance Brake Hoses

Forge Motorsport’s Hosetechnik brakes lines have rapidly become a performance essential for many top-level race teams and performance car owners, and its latest development will appeal to drivers from both camps; competition-quality brake lines for all variants of Audi’s exquisite R8.

Each set of these ultra-high performance lines is custom made, by hand, in Forge’s Gloucestershire factory, and will dramatically improve the efficiency and safety of the braking system. The original rubber hoses, which can bellow and stretch with age, cause inefficiencies in the operation from pedal to pad, so replacing them makes great sense – particularly on any tuned or track-focussed cars.

Hoses for all of the factory-equipped R8 models are all available for next day delivery, but even if your four-ringed supercar is of a slightly rarer flavour like an LMS, or indeed, runs any kind of custom or bespoke brake set-up, the Hosetechnik technicians can replicate practically anything from a photo of the originals, or better still, having the OEM parts to pattern. Any rubber hoses can be quickly and easily copied and remade into smart new braided Hosetechnik hoses, carrying a lifetime guarantee.

Hosetechnik has built up a wealth of knowledge on the applications needed to fit these desirable cars. By providing an optimum rate of fluid transfer from pedal to pad, Hosetechnik brake hoses improve pedal feel and braking efficiency, improving the driver’s confidence. The Hosetechnik range draws heavily from Forge’s thirty years of engineering excellence and these new hoses lead the market in terms of their specification. The lines themselves are Teflon-lined braided stainless steel, with custom-machined stainless end fittings. Forge’s unique production process combined with their exemplary levels of quality control and inspection mean that every single hose meets or exceeds all current FMV. ADR, LTSA, DOT and TUV legislation, making these upgrades totally legal in any market globally.

No less than 12 hard-wearing 95PVC sleeve colours available to protect against dirt and water ingress… and best of all, you can actually ring up and speak to the technician who is building your hoses, whilst your order is pending.

More details can be found at www.hosetechnik.com.

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