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For those of you searching for information on Audi tuning, performance parts and body kits, HighPerformanceAudi.com may be a good starting point. What makes HighPerformanceAudi.com (HPA) so special? After all, there are plenty of websites that provide information for Audi enthusiasts.

HPA is unique because it puts together very detailed information, exclusive photos and useful comparisons on aftermarket parts with specific Audi applications in a single structured place. It’s objective is to help Audi owners with useful information as they modify their Audi. Audi performance parts are a big investment, and HPA helps to answer the questions many of us have as we build our dream Audi.

There are some special features on HPA that are not available on any other Audi website. Some of the information is presented in a fairly controversial manner, but all of it is useful for Audi enthusiasts. Here’s a look at the key features of HighPerformanceAudi.com.

Comprehensive Audi body kit resource
Although not every Audi is included yet, most of the popular Audi models already have detailed information on all the body styling options available.

For example, the Audi TT 8J section contains detailed research on 15 different Audi styling brands, including brands like Alpil from Japan and Schubert from Austria which are not well known outside their home markets. As expected, leading brands like ABT, Caractere, Oettinger and Rieger are comprehensively covered.

What we found helpful was that HPA presents only the important facts about each Audi styling kit, without promoting any of them in particular. More importantly, there were many photos on the same page which clearly illustrate each body kit from different angles.

The HPA illustrated guides to Audi Body kits
Those of you who would like to view even larger Audi body kit photos should download the HPA Illustrated Guides to Audi Body Kits, a collection of exclusive high quality photos of modified Audis. There is one HPA Illustrated Guide for each Audi model, and these ebooks can be opened up even on big computer monitors larger than 24″ in size. So no details of the featured bodykits can escape your scrutiny, even though you zoom into the photos!

If you are looking for a body kit for your Audi, it’s recommended that you utilize this resource for your research. Although the HPA Illustrated Guides are available only to HPA members, membership is free and the online sign up only takes a few minutes to complete.

Here’s a small sample extracted from the HPA Illustrated Guide to B8 Audi A4 Body Kits which contains 19 pages of illustrations for the popular Rieger body kit. If you like it, you will appreciate the full guide which also contains photos of other body kit brands. If you’ve already registered as a HPA Member, just use your password to access all the HPA Illustrated Audi Body Kit Guides .

10 Secrets to stunning body kits for your Audi
Also available free to Audi enthusiasts is the ebook 10 Secrets to Stunning Body Kits for Your Audi, written by the HPA founder, an avid Audi enthusiast and owner himself.

It contains useful tips such as what to look out for when buying a body kit and whether to buy the entire kit from one manufacture or to mix-and-match on your own. It promises to be a valuable resource for those who believe in restyling their Audis.

10 Secrets to Stunning Body Kits for Your Audi is also a downloadable resource for HPA Members, and can be accessed here.

Links to recommended merchants & owner reviews
HPA has reviewed several Audi performance parts merchants and provides links to them at the end of each information page if they supply that specific performance part. This is a useful feature as Audi owners want to know where to buy aftermarket products after completing their research on HighPerformanceAudi.com.

HPA also provides an area for Audi owners to share their experiences with each performance part, and though we haven’t seen comments for all the products yet, this feature should ultimately become useful to others as Audi enthusiasts step up to share their experiences.

HPA Tuner ranking reports
Perhaps the most controversial of HighPerformanceAudi’s information are their tuner ranking tables, made up of published power and torque values from some of the biggest Audi tuners in the world. As we know, such figures depend on a number of parameters such as the model of dynamometer and the correction values used during dynos, and cannot be compared fairly like that.

However, the tables are a useful comparison of what individual tuners claim to produce. In fact, Audi owners often have to accept what tuners publish, and in this case the HPA tables are a very useful reference to have, since you can compare the power and torque values for all tuners on a single page.

Tuner rankings by Maximum Power Output are available on HPA’s Tuning Homepage, and HPA Members can download additional rankings by Maximum Torque – useful to have, since torque is a critical component that affects daily driveability.

John, the founder of HighPerformanceAudi.com was very enthusiastic about what HighPerformanceAudi.com had lined up for Audi owners. “We have information upcoming for brakes, exhaust, and suspension… everything you would dream of to do for your Audi”.

“We’re pulling scattered information together into a single resource for Audi owners and enthusiasts. Be sure to register as a HPA member, because whenever we publish new information we always keep our members informed. Plus members get access to valuable information which is guaranteed to be helpful as you modify your Audi.

“I’m an Audi fanatic myself and welcome Audi owners to join my quest to share useful knowledge with the entire Audi community.”

HighPerformanceAudi.com is well on the way to realizing its vision – to be the world’s most comprehensive Audi performance parts reference for Audi owners and enthusiasts, provided by Audi owners, for Audi owners.

Find out more at www.HighPerformanceAudi.com.

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