GAZ GHA Coil Over Suspension for Audi TT 2wd

Leading suspension specialists GAZ have released a new GHA ‘Street Kit’ coil over suspension kit for the Audi TT 2wd 1998-01. The kit has been designed specifically with road use in mind and has suitable spring and damping rates – although it is also suitable for track day use. The kit is ideal for vehicles that have been subject to power upgrades.

GAZ damper units allow damping adjustment whilst on the vehicle by means of a easily accessible adjuster knobs. Shortened body and stroke lengths allow a -25 to -55mm ride height adjustment at the front. The coilover units have a coarse acme form thread for easy height adjustment.

Each unit is plated in either Classic Black Zinc or Bright Nickel Finish (customer’s choice) to minimise corrosion and to ensure that the height adjusters will go on working for many years to come. All units are individually tested before leaving the factory and covered by a 2 year warranty.

For further details visit the GAZ

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