Forge Motorsport Supercharger Reduction Pulley for Audi S5 3.0TFSI

Forge Motorsport has created a bespoke supercharger reduction pulley for the 3.0T Audi S5. When used in conjunction with a software upgrade, this component will help to achieve more power and, in particular, more torque from this model.

Unlike turbochargers, most superchargers provide a fixed amount of additional airflow or ‘boost’ relative to engine speed, this means that engines thus equipped don’t usually make the same kind of gains as turbocharged engines, once mapped with similar custom software.

Forge’s reduction pulley allows the supercharger to rotate faster, increasing airflow and improving low-end gains. The best news is, this increase is felt throughout the rev range, allowing mappers to optimise a new map to improve throttle response in every gear.

Forge’s engineers spent many dyno hours ensuring that the pulley’s new diameter would be the optimum improvement for the Audi’s Eaton TVS unit, with each pulley being precision machined and then dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free operation, even at the highest achievable RPM.

The Forge Audi S5 Pulley kit comes with a new belt, to take into account its smaller size, and is a direct replacement for the OEM part. It is priced at £107.00 + VAT. Forge also offers a tailored pulley removal tool for £113.00 + VAT

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