Forge Motorsport Engine Oil Cooler for the Audi RS4 4.2 V8

This latest kit from Forge has been designed to address the weakness of the stock oil cooler on the RS4. In its infinite wisdom, Audi chose to spec the factory ‘cooler in aluminium, but the fittings on the ends of the cooler hoses are made from steel. The result is corrosion between the two different metals which cracks the fittings over time. This results in a slow oil leak that gets worse with age, and eventually ends in a catastrophic failure of the oil cooler lines, and if you are unlucky, the engine too.

Due to the corrosion setting in on the lines, they usually cannot be removed from the oil cooler without damaging it. This results in the need for the oil cooler and both lines to be replaced at a cost of over £1100 from the dealer – and that’s before you factor in consumables and labour to change the parts!

The Forge cooler is supported on a laser cut and powder coated frame that also holds the Audi fan control module in place. With everything finished in black, it makes for the ultimate stealth installation and unless you know what you are looking for you won’t even see it.

The Forge solution uses tried and test products and is a full replacement right from the fitting on the engine block which is precision made from 6082 billet aluminium and then anodised to prevent any possibility of corrosion.

The original remit of this replacement was to do away with all the troublesome Audi parts which this kit accomplishes, but by relocating the oil cooler slightly higher than stock, Forge has also reduced the chances of damage from road debris.

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