Forge Motorsport Audi S5 Intake Hose

The latest upgrade from the silicone boffins at Forge Motorsport is a race-quality intake hose for Audi’s much-vaunted S5 coupe. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory part, and featuring precise take-offs as per the original, to allow each hose to connect directly to the OEM fittings, the Forge upgrade offers a significant enhancement over the original, with a much greater resistance to heat-cycling and fatigue, making it ideal for tuned or competition cars.

Not only are all Forge hoses designed to withstand much higher pressures and temperatures than any original equipment hose, they are also available in three different colourways, including the discreet looking black finish for those looking to create a real ‘OEM+’ engine bay, or red and blue for those that aren’t…

Each hose has been designed and developed here in the UK and uses fabric reinforcement inside the finest quality European-sourced silicone. Each part precisely apes its OEM counterpart, precisely following the factory routing, and is a direct replacement with no modification needed, fitting in just a few minutes. As well as significantly enhancing the under-bonnet appearance of any S5, this hose will dramatically outlast the original part. The Forge parts fit in just a few minutes, thanks to Forge’s insistence on precisely replicating the original mounting dimensions.

Not only do these hose make a great insurance policy on a standard car, but it is also an essential upgrade on a remapped or modified machine. The hoses retail at £78.00 + VAT. ($160 in the US)

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