wraps Automann-TV Audi S3 to make it a real eye-catcher

Classic white is a thing of the past! In the latest tuning project by Automann-TV, the authentic Internet car channel, the Audi S3 limo’s look was to be changed. The online fans had a few ideas, of course, and finally chosen was a combination of bright blue for the body and an elegant black for the rims. This job was then assigned to FOLIATEC®.com, which lent the limo a fresh look with its range of innovative Spray Films.


Thanks to the FOLIATEC®.com Spray System powered by Wagner the blue Carbody Spray Film was applied all over and in only a few steps: mask it, spray it, and you’re done! The Audi then left the FOLIATEC®.com garage on its first tour as an attractive eye-catcher in frozen blue metallic matt, with the wheels painted in glossy black including an extra layer of Spray Film Sealer.


Following the motto BE DIffERENT, this new attractive FOLIATEC®.com gem will be on the roads from now on. Watch it at:

For more on this project, please visit:

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