Eibach releases Audi A7 Sportback Chassis Kit

The innovative new A7 ‘Sportback’ from Audi is a clever compromise between executive saloon and practical estate. A superb conveyance in standard trim, but now, thanks to German suspension gurus Eibach, Ingolstadt’s business barge just enjoyed something of a personality shift, from Golf-club refugee to ‘B’ road hero….

In standard form the car is finely balanced and a brilliant drive, but for those looking to achieve the ultimate in pin-point handling, without upsetting the Audi’s superb road manners, Eibach have released a selection of chassis upgrades to endow the A7 with unparalleled handling. This is achieved without inducing harshness or spoiling the car’s balance.

As the official suppliers to the factory Audi Sport division, Eibach’s engineers work closely with VAG’s own technicians, being able to access enviable amounts of priceless chassis data, very early in the car’s development cycle.

The new Eibach Pro-Kit lowers the car by around 30mm and offers a drastically improved stance, better turn-in and lower centre of gravity for decisive direction changes. Working in harmony with the standard dampers, the Pro-Kit rides at almost factory comfort levels, truly offering the best of both worlds.

The final finishing touches can be added by fitting one of the many Pro-Spacer kits. These range in width from 12mm to 30mm and by increasing the A7’s track measurement can drastically improve lateral grip and steering response, as well as really filling the A7’s arches for a truly aggressive appearance.

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