Eibach Releases Audi A3 Saloon (8VS Chassis) Chassis Upgrades

Respected German suspension manufacturer Eibach has released an exciting range of chassis enhancements for Audi’s popular A3 range. Designed specifically for the 8VS chassis models, this comprehensive collection allows owners to really improve the handling abilities of their own car.

VW Group’s somewhat bewildering engine options on this platform meant that Eibach’s engineers needed to carefully measure and assess the requirements of each model variant, before being able to create a spring solution for it. Thanks to being the official supplier to AudiSport however, the Finnentrop concern has more than a little experience with Ingolstadt’s finest, meaning that two succinct kits were created to allow both lighter and heavier engine variants to be appropriately catered for.

Both kits offer a 30mm drop from the OEM ride height, giving the car a more purposeful stance and lowering the centre of gravity to improve handling and reduce the propensity to roll. A clever, progressive wind offers the ability to run at factory levels of comfort during normal driving, but enjoy a firmer, more precise spring rate when loading the car up into the turns. Each spring is pre-stressed to avoid sagging, before being shot-peened for perfect tempering and then electrostatically powder coated for a long and durable life, even on the UK’s heavily salted roads.


Upping the handling ante even further is a brace of precision manufactured and uprated anti-roll bars that use the very latest ‘hollow bar’ technology developed by Eibach to offer the maximum handling improvement, with minimum increase in mass. The front bar is a 28mm 2-way adjustable unit, with the rear measuring in as a 25mm fixed-rate item. As with many of its VW Group fitments, Eibach offers the front bar ready fitted with OEM brackets to dramatically speed up the fitting time, as well as make the whole job a great deal easier.

Precision machined hub-centric spacers offer the final finishing touch, being CNC-milled from a solid aerospace billet. Available in sizes from 10-30mm per side, these can be used for both aesthetic and dynamic reasons, allowing the wheel and tyre to really fill the arch, increasing track and improving turn in.

All can be fitted concurrently for a stunning transformation in the cars ability, or fitted piecemeal to spread the cost. Whichever way you do it, expect impressive results!

For more information, please click to www.eibach.com

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