Eibach Launches Audi S4 (B8 Chassis) Chassis Enhancement Range

German suspension legend Eibach has launched an impressive range of upgrades for the B8 chassis Audi S4. Thanks to Eibach’s uniquely close relationship with the VW Group, and the AudiSport division in particular, these parts draw heavily on the firm’s enviable access to Audi’s original factory chassis data, and offer exceptional handling with excellent ride quality. Solutions are tailored to suit both the Avant and Saloon variants.

The first improvement is the Pro-Kit spring package. A set of four precision-manufactured springs, made from the same high-quality spring steel as Eibach’s F1 parts, these offer owners a welcome drop of 20mm up front and 15mm at the rear. Pre-stressed to avoid sagging in later life, and then shot-peened for fine tempering, each spring is then electrostatically powder coated for long and durable service. This attention to surface preparation explains Eibach’s exemplary 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty on these parts.

Owners looking to really add finesse and control to the Audi’s handling will want to fit the front and rear Anti-Roll Kit. This kit is a great example of Eibach using its vast OEM experience to improve its aftermarket offering. Not only do both bars use the latest production and finishing technology to improve performance and chassis efficiency – a direct by product of production techniques demanded by many of Eibach’s supercar manufacturing clients. Finished to the same exacting standards as the springs, these parts enjoy a similar 5 year warranty (with the associated fittings being covered by 12 month’s piece of mind). By reducing load transfer in the turns, the S4 will be able to stay flatter when cornering – and exploit its already impressive potential to the max!

Want to stray outside of the factory’s super-safe geometry parameters? The addition of Eibach adjustable front arms mean that an additional ±1.5° of both castor and camber adjustment will now be within reach, giving the S4 even more track and ‘B’ road potential.

The final small – but critical – detail is the range of Pro-Spacers. These can be used to increase the S4’s track measurement, either to improve turn-in and handling, or simply to achieve the perfect stance. They’re also a brilliant way of correcting an incorrect offset on an aftermarket wheel, too. Sizes range from 12mm per side, offering a vast array of options.

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