Eibach Audi A1

Short bodywork, a low weight and direct handling: Such compact cars are pre-destined for large amounts of driving fun. As a result Eibach and its partner Bilstein consciously chose the Audi A1 as their latest project car. Especially when it comes to the quality of material and equipment, the car from Ingolstadt offers an ambience which is anything but a matter of course even in the next class up. Of course the setup of the bodywork determines when a new B12 Pro-Kit is used.

The combination of Eibach Pro-Kit performance springs and the Bilstein mono-tube / upside-down gas pressure shock absorbers have been precisely adjusted to each other in a driving test and offer a performance which can hardly be beaten when it comes to precision. Here the altered characteristics compared to the series standard make just as big a contribution as the lowering of the centre of gravity by up to 40 millimetres. The measure is also optically underlined by the purist-dynamic curves of the Audi bodywork.

In spite of its taut characteristics the A1 still offers plenty of comfort, which is a real work of art in particular with regards to the short wheelbase of the platform. When it comes to performance the selected version with the economic and 122 HP strong 1.4 TFSI also has what it takes to be a touring car.

To ensure that the project car cannot just pull clear of its “opponents” on winding roads, a high-quality performance kit from JH Motortuning is used, which is applied without direct interventions into the engine control unit. Now, the smallest Audi offers around 157 HP.

The fact that this car is not to be trifled with is clear acoustically from afar by the Remus exhaust system with its two 84 millimetre exhausts.

The sides of the racer are adorned by 8×18 inch type XA Borbet light metal alloys. The cross-spoke wheels are characterised by a strong geometric spoke layout as well as the bicolour surface finish and the polished design elements on the outer alloy rim. The rear wheels were fitted with a 12 mm Spacer/side.

Eibach therefore presents a harmonious project car which is not aloof, but offers each A1 owner affordable, everyday and desirable options.

Information about the Eibach Audi A1 project car:

B12 Pro-Kit Suspension System
For everyone who believes driving dynamics and performance are important. For drivers who prefer the extra safety as well as the drivers who appreciate a look of performance without sacrificing ride quality. The B12 Pro-Kit.

  • Professional Cornering System PCS
  • Precise response, excellent driving performance and high reserves of safety
  • Lowering up to 40 mm
  • EIBACH Pro-Kit performance spring with progressive characteristic
  • Spring and shock absorber road-tested and fine-tuned to complement one other perfectly
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube / upside-down technology
  • German TÜV certificate
  • Made in Germany

Eibach B12 Pro-Kit
Part number: B12 Pro-Kit E90-15-014-02-22 [front: 20mm | rear: 15mm]
RRP (incl. VAT): 677 €

Eibach Pro-Spacer (only on the rear)
Part number: S90-2-12-013
RRP (incl. VAT): 99 €

Borbet wheels
XA, bicolour, polished elements on the alloy rim, 8“x18“
RRP (incl. VAT): 260 € / wheel

Remus exhaust system
Street Race sports rear muffle with two 84 mm exhausts.
Part number: 04 40 08 05 84C
RRP (incl. VAT): 450 €

JH Motortuning performance kit
High-quality performance kit, performance increase from 122 HP to approx. 157 HP, plug-in system, plug and play, no soldering, no special tools necessary, no intervention into the engine control unit
RRP (incl. VAT): 595 €

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