Carbon Revolution 100% CARBON FIBRE wheels now available in Europe

Lightweight, attractive and mind-meltingly well designed and built, Carbon Revolution’s range of one-piece carbon fibre wheels looks set to take the upper echelons of the aftermarket automotive world by storm, and it isn’t at all hard to see why.

An almost fanatical commitment to reducing weight lies at the very heart of everything Carbon Revolution does, and the Australian concern can now claim to produce the only one-piece carbon fibre wheels available anywhere in the world. Not only are the firm’s wheels achingly pretty to look at, they’re the most technically advanced wheels around, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car full stop! While there are numerous, wide-reaching benefits to upgrading to Carbon Revolution wheels, the most obvious is weight, or more correctly, the lack of it.

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CArbon wheels = weight reduction

This massive reduction in weight has a correspondingly large effect on the chassis of any car it’s bolted to, cutting down unsprung weight, reducing rotational inertia, and having a noticeably positive effect on how the car in question performs. Exhaustive testing has proven the benefits of fitting Carbon Revolution hardware and time again, with multiple reports from professional race drivers serving to confirm what everyone associated with the firm already knew to be the case: that their wheels enabled cars to accelerate faster and change direction more precisely. The result is a greater degree of steering feedback and an associated upswing in driver confidence.

carbon revolution wheels

The Carbon Revolution design and manufacturing processes are truly unique, and key to its wheels’ phenomenal performance. Carbon fibre is perfectly suited for use in the manufacture of performance wheels, primarily because it’s a full thirteen times stronger than aluminium and half its weight, and this despite each individual fibre being 1/10th the diameter of a human hair! There are enough of these individual strands in each CR-9 wheel to circle the entire globe twice, and these are accurately positioned and aligned during the manufacture of the wheel to create a structure of immense strength and durability. The precision engineering that goes into the wheel structure is mirrored in other areas of the CR-9’s construction, namely their hollow spokes, two-piece aluminium wheel fastening system, and the firm’s own ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating, a stage in the wheels’ manufacturing process that shields the wheel from the extreme temperatures generated by the equally extreme braking forces associated with hard driving.

carbon wheels

Function very much over form, then, but that hasn’t prevented Carbon Revolution from making its wheels jaw-slackeningly attractive. Simple, timeless and understated in design, the CR-9 boasts huge visual impact and will lend any car it’s bolted to an equally huge dose of aggression.

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Carbon Revolution has grown to the point where it’s now the undisputed master of carbon fibre wheels, with an ever expanding lineup that manage to be both beautiful to look at and devastatingly effective. The firm’s level of expertise within this exciting field was recently recognised when its wheels were selected to be OEM equipment for the mighty Shelby GT350 Mustang, with the resulting car proving to benefit from the lightweight wheels in a noticeable fashion. Steering feel, turn in, acceleration and grip have all been sharpened and the car can now handle in a manner not normally associated with muscle cars.

real carbon wheels

Carbon Revolution wheels truly are a unique, game-changing product. Not only do the company’s wheels represent the last word in lightweight, aerospace-derived technology, they promise to redefine what’s expected of a performance car, something underlined by their inclusion on the latest Shelby Mustang. Head to the firm’s website for further information. Prices start around £15,000 for a full set.

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