Carbon-ceramic Brakes

This is an oft-repeated expression from drivers returning from a test in the MTM S6 or RS6. They are referring to the power hike in the S6, which is available in 450-, 555- or 565 PS versions.

The colossal dynamics of the RS6, available in seven different states of tune ranging from 605 to 802 PS, are even more impressive. Naturally such cars should be equipped with uprated braking systems commensurate with their straight-line performance.

carbon ceramic brakes

MTM can now offer a limited “pre-production” run of special front brakes assemblies, namely a pair of ventilated and drilled 420 x 40 mm Carbon Ceramic discs with 6-piston “Ceramic” callipers. These brakes are more effective and provide more consistent braking under extreme conditions. Furthermore they are certified for use with the MTM variants of the RS6, RS7 and S8.

The brakes require the fitment of 21” wheels and, depending on tyre choice, permit speeds of up to 325 km/h (202 mph), whereas the previous brakes with steel callipers were limited to 280 km/h (175 mph). Thus the MTM power-plant is complemented by enhanced chassis agility, as the un-sprung masses are decreased by the use of high-tech materials.

carbon ceramic brakes

The asking price during the introductory phase is 9,999 Euro and can only be fitted (workshop time 5 hours) at MTM’s headquarters in Wettstetten. For S6 and S7 models there are non-certified export versions and for all other MTM models improved discs, pads and complete braking systems are available on an exchange basis.

Roland Mayer, MTM’s CEO and guiding hand, after personally experiencing the new brakes stated “Braking power and endurance are enormous, another dimension which I cannot withhold from my customers”.

Carbon-ceramic brake kit price

Brakes: MTM-Brembo carbon ceramic brake 420×40 mm for
front axle includes: Brake disks, 6-Piston Brembo-Caliper silver “Ceramic”, add-on-parts.
Please note: rim size min. 21″ “launch price only while stocks last” Price 9.999,00€
Installation time min. 5,00 h. 571,20 €

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