Brembo Brake Kits – Gran Turismo Series

Your Audi A4 is a performance machine; shouldn’t your brake system offer the same performance and precision engineering as the rest of your ride? This kit contains everything that you need to install a high-performance brake system on your Audi.

Why do you need performance brakes? Simply put, as you ramp up performance, you need to increase your braking capabilities as well. The faster your car travels, the more difficult it is to slow and stop. An OEM braking system is simply not designed to handle the stress and strain of street or track racing. Upgrading to this kit from Brembo offers you enormous benefits.

Brembo is one of the preeminent names in aftermarket brakes. Their products offer superior technology and materials, ensuring that you receive the ultimate in braking performance. In addition, the system is designed to fit your A4 and nothing else; that means you get precision performance with an exact installation. Purchasing performance upgrades that are specifically tailored to your vehicle is the best way to ensure a proper fit and perfect operation.

What does the kit include? The first things you’ll notice are the cross-drilled rotors. These allow hot gasses to escape during braking, rather than becoming trapped between the pad and the rotor. This allows the pads to grip the rotor more tightly, as well as helping your brake pads last longer.

In addition, the kit comes with 4-piston calipers. OEM calipers usually use only a single cylinder to push the pads against the rotor. While this may be fine for average driving, performance oriented drivers require a better solution. Four pistons mean that your calipers provide much more grip, forcing the pad into greater contact with the rotor. In short, you get incredible stopping power.

You also get braided brake lines of stainless steel. These provide greater fluid volume to the caliper, last longer than rubber brake lines and look better, to boot. The addition of custom brake lines is vital to the performance of your brake kit; without the right fluid pressure and volume, the pistons in your calipers will be unable to grip efficiently, reducing your stopping power.

To make the most of your Audi performance machine, you’ll need to install a big brake kit. This creation from Brembo is hands down the best option for your needs.

About this Product:
The Gran Turismo system’s level of technology and performance is unrivaled by any other product on the market. Each system is designed vehicle specific for maximum performance and “optimum brake balance”. Gran Turismo systems are comprised of lightweight 4,6, or 8 piston calipers and 1 or 2 piece “floating” vented rotors up to 15″ in diameter. Increased brake torque and thermal capacity dramatically improves the vehicle’s performance.
Disc Size: 328×28 2-piece rotors

More details: AndysAutoSport.

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