Bimoto wins Nardo High speed event 2007

Yet again the 1000 hp strong bimoto sets the benchmark among participants at the 2007 Nardo Highspeedevent. With a top speed of 390km/h, the bimoto driven by the current champion of the Seat Supercopa 2006 Florian Gruber also currently driving in the Porsche Carrera Cup reached the highest speed from the 13 participating Super sports cars.

MTM-Director Roland Mayer and the mtm team thank Florian Gruber for his effort and impressive result despite the extremely difficult weather condition at Nardo.

Mr Mayer assures us that Bimoto is set to beat the magic mark of 400 km/h and that another attempt will be made in Papenburg where the bimoto recently set the track record of 393km/h.

MTM had the following sponsors: Rhino’s Energy Drinks, Agip, Continental, KW Automotive, LSD Doors

Top ten results at 2007 Nardo High-speed event:

1. Audi MTM Bimoto: 390.6 km/h
2. 997 Sportec SPR1: 378.4 km/h
3. 997 Techart GT Street: 358.2 km/h
4. Murcielago LP640 Edo Competition: 345.7 km/h
5. 997 Techart turbo convertible: 344.2 km/h
6. 9ff CT-78336.3 km/h
7. Brabus Maybach 57: 330.6 km/h
8. Mercedes E63sme: 330.5 km/h
9. Golf R36 HGP 327.6 km/h
10. Mercedes SL Lorinser Biturbo: 325 km/h

Audi TT 1000hp

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