Bi-Centrifugal Supercharger for Audi R8

PPI Automotive Design GmbH has released its PPI Bi-CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER (B-CS), specifically designed for long-term and daily use in the Audi R8 V8 model with manual transmission. More than 4 years have been spent in development with technology partner NOVIDEM AG in creating the unique B-CS system for the Audi R8.

The B-CS system is driven by a Magnetic clutch with an integrated autonomous oil lubrication system. In addition, compressed air leaving the supercharger is further cooled with the use of a separate charge-cooling system that uses its own radiators to cool the air before it enters the motor. PPI claim this produces a significant advantage over other “charging” systems currently on the market.

The system produces less heat and is mounted on the sides of the engine compartment, isolating from the engine and eliminating the normal “heat soak”. This placement does not increase engine temperature, nor does it allow the engine’s heat to enter the charger thereby further increasing the efficiency of the supercharging system.

The Bi-CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM can be combined with any R8 V8 with manual transmission. It is also available with the following PPI aerodynamic bodykits: R8 RAZOR, RAZOR GTR, RAZOR GTR-800.


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