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Car Tuning company B & B just releases several tuning stages for the Audi Q5 3.0 TDI, 2.0 TFSI and the new 2.0 TDI, reaching up to 325HP and 640Nm. Starting with the Q5 3.0 TDI B & B offers 3 tuning stages, starting with a electronic changes increasing the boost pressure by 0,15bar. In this stage the car gets up to 280Hp and 550Nm for the price tag of 1298 Euros.

The second stage gets the car up to 300Hp and 600Nm. The third stage, by changing the injection, suction pipes, air flow and air cooling systems, this baby gets up to 325Hp and 640Nm.

The tuning program for the 2.0 TFSI engine is built on 4 stages, with the first reaching the 250Hp and 400Nm by changing the electronic and boost pressure for 998 euro. The remaining stages are reached by setting a special exhaust turbocharger with changed airflow and a special air cooling system. To reduce exhaust back pressure B&B also mounts a sport exhaust system with a special down pipe as well as a high quality sport catalyst. To optimize the engine the car’s ECU gets reprogrammed. And for optimal oil temperature B&B installs a slim line oil cooler. This modifications for the second, third and fourth stages gives us 260Hp 295Hp and 310Hp with 465Nm on the fourth stage.

For the 2.0TDI common-rail engine B & B also as some stages bringing the stock version of 170hp/350nm up to 200hp/400nm in the first stage and 220hp/420nm in the second stage with a starting price tag of 998 euros.

Also available are sport springs in 40mm drop as well as several sport silencers. To build up an impressive appearance, exclusive wheel sets in 18″/19″/20″ and 22″ as well as an 14-parts including aerodynamic package are available for order.

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  1. Prof. Chanchai Yamarat says:

    I have just bought Q5 20 TSFI and it runs 180 km. I can to upgrade horsepower with my car now aor I have to run more than 1000 km. before and where I can do that. I live in Bangkok Thailand I don’t know any dealer provides this service. Would you please help me my problem. Thank you and appreciate that.

  2. Prof. Chanchai Yamarat says:

    I want to upgrade HORSE POWER with my car AUDI Q5 20 TFSI Quattro Year 2009-2010 from 211 to more. I want to change NEW CHIP not tuning ECU because I live in THAILAND and there is no expert to tuning ECU. Would you please suggest me the well known dealers who can supply the NEW CHIP for my car. Thank you very much and appreciate for your assistance.
    Prof. Chanchai Yamarat

  3. cosmixx says:

    Sawasdee Krub,

    I also have the S-Line Q5 and already run it over 15000 km. I know the place that can upgrade ur Q5 in many stage e.g. ecu tuning by swiss technician, upgrade intercooler & exhaust system, etc. If you are interested, mail me then.


  4. Cosmixx says:

    I”m in Bangkok and also using a Q5 for over 15000 km. already. I know the place that can do the upgrade for Q5 for many stages eg., ECU tuning by swiss technician, exhausted & header, etc. Just let me know if u’r interested.

  5. Prof. Chanchai Yamarat says:

    Dear Mr. Vikit,
    I am interested in your offers please contact me if your time available. Contact: 02-935-4578 or 081-921-8343
    Thank you very much and appreciate that.

  6. Osama Banonut says:


    i have audi q5 and i live in saudi arabia, im interested in tuning and upgrading my car performance, so kindly advise how i can find your dealer or contact him in my country .

    thank you

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