Awesome GTI – 034 Motorsport Density Line Control Arm Kit For B6/B7 Audi A4, S4 And RS4

It’s a fact of life that even the most well built of cars will begin to show their age with the passage of time and ever increasing mileage, and this most certainly applies to Audis, specifically the ever popular B6 and B7 generation of A4, S4 and RS4. Those owners seeking to restore the factory-fitted sense of precision and solidity will be glad to know that there’s now a product designed to do just that, the Density Line Control Arm Kit from 034 Motorsport, and it’s available via Awesome GTI, the UK’s foremost modified VAGroup specialist.

034 Motorsport have form when it comes to chassis and suspension upgrades, and its latest offering is nothing more than a complete and total revitalisation kit for tired, time worn Audis. Consisting of 7 specially designed, high quality arms and braces (plus bushings and fitting hardware), the kit has been proven to offer drastically improved turn in, steering feel and, in a broader sense, sharpened handling, particularly if the car in question has racked up significant mileage or has been driven in an aggressive manner over the course of its life.

The arms are constructed from a specially formulated alloy, one which blends extreme strength and rigidity with lightweight, in turn ensuring that installing 034 Motorsport’s latest offering won’t leave Audi owners facing a weight penalty. The company also went to great lengths to develop the kit, even sourcing one of Audi’s chosen OEM suppliers and commissioning them to construct the arms to their exacting specification, further underscoring its innate quality.

The complete kit includes a selection of essential Density Line Bushings designed to control roll and flex while cornering. OEM rubber bushes will eventually corrode and fail with the passage of time, creating play and contributing to ‘sloppy’ handling, hence why 034 Motorsport’s control arm kit sports bushings made from a blend of stiffened durometer rubber. Not only does this aid the kit in sharpening handling and steering feel, it has a far longer service life than the Audi-fitted equivalent.

It should be noted that it is imperative that the suspension be compressed to standard ride height before any suspension pivot bushings are fully tightened. Failure to follow these steps will result in the bushings being subjected to twisting forces they simply weren’t designed to withstand, and they may well tear as a result. It will also void 034 Motorsport’s impressively comprehensive 1-year replacement warranty, so it’s important to follow the clear and concise instructions while fitting.

An impressively capable offering from a trusted specialist, 034 Motorsport’s Density Line Control Arm is a must-fit product for those B6 and B7 owners striving to reinvigorate the handling of their cars.

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