AWE Tuning Front Mounted Intercooler Kit For 2.0T Audi A4

Audi might’ve spent the last 15 years following an ‘evolution, not revolution’ design and engineering ethos, but make no mistake, the Ingolstadt legend still knows how to build a high performance saloon, and the B8 generation Audi A4 is a good example. Still one of the most adaptable platforms in the VAG portfolio, the 2.0 B8 can be coaxed into making impressive power via select aftermarket parts, and this is especially true of AWE Tuning’s latest offering for the model, a complete Front Mounted Intercooler (FMIC) kit.

Intercooler kits have long been something of an AWE Tuning speciality, the firm having cut its teeth in the aftermarket induction system world and therefore well placed to develop advanced tuning packages in this area. Its latest A4 offering is a case in point, and even the swiftest of glances will tell you that its FMIC kit is a class act, with all metal components having been manufactured from stunning, high grade alloy. Not only does this guarantee a long and reliable productive service life, it means that the cooler, easily one of the most prominent tuning components you’re ever likely to fit, looks absolutely stunning – more than suitable for fitment to the nose of your B8!

Looks aside, AWE Tuning’s FMIC kit is a comprehensive part and one that’s proven to offer added performance. Designed to reduce inlet temperatures, B8s fitted with the AWE hardware have been shown to operate approximately 30% cooler than their standard counterparts, a significant amount and one that has a corresponding impact on the engine’s ability to make power. Indeed, these same cars have been proven to make as much as 21bhp and +20lb/ft (at the crank) extra, the power delivered in an even, tractable manner. This latter point is significant, as it confirms the kit’s suitability for road-going A4s – this is a modification that will improve the everyday drivability of your Audi, and it most certainly will not render it a chore to live and commute with on a daily basis.

The AWE Tuning FMIC is a proven part then, but it’s also one that’s been developed with one eye on ease of installation. To this end the whole kit can be fitted within a few short hours, though (as ever) it’s undoubtedly easier if you’ve access to a four-post ramp and a selection of tools! Not only does the kit ship with a booklet of clear and concise fitting instructions, it sits neatly and securely behind the stock crash bar and re-uses the OEM hoses and clamps. Installation is neat and subtle, meaning there’s no need to take an angle grinder to the front of your car.

The intercooler kit from AWE Tuning promises to be a key component for those B8 owners seeking to push the performance envelope of their cars. Not only does it fit easily, look great and offer notable performance gains, it can serve as the foundation to further power tuning at a later date, making it an all round good investment.

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